With over 23 years of professional Bring to production services we can take your idea and propel it into a final working product!

Many entrepreneurs receive great industrial design and prototypes, but then what? They have no one to propel them into the final working product!

Most entrepreneurs are not familiar with the professional Bring to Production process. They think that what is seen on the computer design screen can turn into a final working product easily. Well, it is not! The process requires a professional team to gather all project aspects and lead it towards a final working product in the most professional way possible.

We take production files and propel them into a final working product. This process is long and incorporates many milestones such as: DFM, service providers, discussions, procurement processes, the establishment of production lines, integration and till we reach your final and perfect working product.

If you have an idea, let us propel your thoughts to the final working product!